What is the advantage of liposomal vitamins?

The main advantage is their great capacity of being absorbed. Liposomal vitamins are absorbed very efficiently and have an immediate effect. They are the ideal medium for the delivery of dietary supplements into the body because they are quickly absorbed in the intestines along with additional substances they carry in their water bubble (vitamins, minerals).

Will liposomal vitamin C also irritate my gastric mucosa?

Taken in liposomal form, vitamin C does not irritate the gastric or intestinal mucosa, it is absorbed considerably faster and reaches high levels in the blood.

Can diabetics also use liposomal mixtures?

Of course, there is absolutely no reason they shouldn’t. Diabetics only need to keep track of their carbohydrate intake. Since our products contain no sugar, they need to note the glycemic index of xylitol, where xylitol is used (the glycemic index of xylitol is 7, sucrose 60-70).

Does the body become dependent on liposomal products?

Why should the body become dependent on vitamins? The issue of dependency or addiction can only arise when substances, which are naturally produced in the body, have been introduced into the body artificially causing the body to stop producing them. This is the theory behind addiction. The body is unable to produce vitamins and must receive them through nutrition. There is no known vitamin resistance (i.e. no known condition in which the body would need an ever increasing dosage of vitamins for normal operation).

Are liposomal products suitable for children?

Yes, liposomal products are suitable for children aged two years or over.

Do children like liposomal vitamins?

Yes, children adore them.

Are they suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers?

Of course, liposomal vitamins are highly recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, because the bodies in their condition require excellently absorbable vitamins and minerals.

Can I take multiple vitamins simultaneously?

Of course you can take multiple vitamins simultaneously. You can ingest them undiluted, but we do recommend that you drink a glass of water afterwards.

Where are liposomal vitamins stored when their container has been opened?

After the container is unsealed, the liposomal vitamins are to be stored in the refrigerator.

When do we need to use them by?

The vitamins are to be consumed within two months after the container has been opened. With the packaging unsealed, the vitamins are to be stored in the refrigerator the entire time.

Why is vitamin D3 combined with K2?

Vitamin K2 plays a vital part in preserving bone health by aiding in the depositing of calcium in the bones while simultaneously preventing calcium from being deposited in coronary arteries, which would otherwise cause calcification of the veins and thereby increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

Does K2D3 thin blood?

No it does not. D3 plays no part in the process of blood coagulation or thinning. Vitamin K, however, is involved in the process of blood coagulation, but studies demonstrated no increased risk of blood clotting, not even in the population using medication to prevent blood clots (Warfarin and similar). There were indications that the dosage of the medication would need to be adapted.

In any case, patients using warfarin type of medication must consult their doctor.