About Ekolife & My Way of Life

I believe that My way of life is characterized by boundless positive energy, persistent marching towards health, vitality and inner strength. I have been discovering for the past few years that key for that are solid foundations that I keep building through an optimum diet. In modern times food is unfortunately changing into something that takes away our health, sanity, distances us from ourselves and decreases our ability to hear what our bodies really want. But of course a healthy diet alone is not enough. What is also needed is enough quality sleep, sports activities, sunlight and caring for your spirit. All this is just as important as food. This way of life grabbed my attention about nine years ago, when I was faced with multiple sclerosis. When half of your body ceases to function overnight, you must ask yourself where you have gone wrong to force the body to react so drastically. If you really want to regain your health, you must drop all of your bad habits, even if most others still keep theirs. A difficult but immensely freeing step can be made just by recognizing that your body is truly capable of selfhealing. If you help it along, of course. This is the reason I decided to use my company to help all those who need help. I began looking for top quality products, which can be your first step towards perfect health. You will not be able to change all of your bad habits overnight and I am not advocating that, but you can look for real knowledge and test good experiences from others on your- self. That is the only way to be sure.

Thank you for being.

Yours, Tajča Pavček, the owner and CEO


Tajča Pavček

CEO, founder

The greatest joy is working with people who, together with you, realize a vision that is kind to people, the planet and all sentient beings. tajca@ekolife.si

Avinashi Imperishable

Consultant for spirituality and environmental harmony

Mirjam Kurelič

Professional assistant

Diana Bećirović



Matjaž Ličan





Our simbol

The Ekolife Natura symbol has the shape of a sun tree. We found its foundations in sacred geometry and illuminated it with the embrace of the sun. It is gentle and strong at the same time and symbolizes the multifacetedness of our company and each of our products at the same time.

The sun tree reminds us that we all need light and that we are constantly growing towards the sun like a tree and its leaves. At the same time, we stand on solid foundations like a tree and its branching roots.

In the Ekolife natura company, we want to grow together and raise awareness and knowledge about the meaning of life, which should be lived in harmony with our planet Earth.

The Story of the Sun Tree

One day I woke up under a sacred tree. The tree of life accompanies me in my life and for this reason I follow it. On hot days it gives me a pleasant shade, and on stormy days it gives me shelter.He doesn't ask me for anything. When I need to be fully satisfied and I consciously return all this to him with my love for trees, animals, for man and planet earth.I allowed myself to choose a tree as the symbol of my company, which reminded me that we all need light. I combined the sun and the tree and that's how the sun tree was created.I myself trust the sun tree and I try and I want you to trust me and my company, which takes care of you and offers you products that can help you improve your quality of life.

Our values



We provide high quality products that we are constantly looking for in the market.



We strive to always offer new, innovative products. We follow trends and scientific findings in the field of eco lifestyle.



We stand 100% behind every product we offer. Everything we sell is enjoyed by ourselves, our children and loved ones.



We always stick to agreements and our high moral principles. In the 13 years of our existence, we established excellent business relationship with trade partners from Slovenia and abroad. We always put our customers first.


Professional team with with “yes we can “ attitude


To provide new, innovative and quality products that support healthy lifestyle.


To raise people’s awareness of a healthy lifestyle – through an online magazine, workshops, lectures…


To promote environmental awareness through various projects – e.g. Na sončni stran Alp…